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aerial silks workshop


Aerial Silks Drops

Level: Intermediate

Drops, drops and more drops! This fast paced workshop will cover a variety of rotational drops in all three directions; forward, sideways and backward, before progressing to drops with multiple changes of direction. We will also be exploring different entries and exits for those traditional drops that you already know.

chain reaction

Aerial Silks Transitions

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

This workshop will teach you to build combos of static and dynamic skills into smooth transitions that flow upward and deftly descend, working all levels of the silk. Requests to work transitions around students favourite poses are very welcome!

aerial silks workshop

aerial silks workshop

sky high

Aerial Silks Strength & Flexibility Skills + Drops

Level: Strong Intermediate – Advanced

Have you ever wanted to learn those silk skills that Siobhan often posts on Instagram? Well now is your chance! In this class Siobhan will teach you her favourite skills which combine both strength and flexibility as well as some drops for the daring amongst you. We will also cover strengthening and stretching exercises and progressions necessary to achieve these tricks.