Aerial Workshops

To enquire about hosting an aerial workshop at your studio get in touch via the Contact page.

aerial silks geometry workshop

Silks Geometry

Work those angles!

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

In this workshop you will learn split silk sequences that place emphasis on line, shape and angles to create a strong visual impact whilst using interesting transitions to replace familiar pathways.

aerial silks arm wraps workshop

Arm Wraps

Level Up

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Learn unique arm wrap sequences and level up your aerial vocabulary in this virtual masterclass. Siobhan April teaches each of her signature sequences in step-by-step tutorials, with regressions and progressions provided for each.

aerial silks handstands workshop

Silks Handstands

Aerial Handstands

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Take your handstand from the ground to the air! Each unique handstand in this workshop is taught within creative sequences that explore intriguing transitions. No prior handstand experience is necessary as all these handstands are supported by the silks!